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Streams from Africa: Elida Almeida

Streams from Africa: Elida Almeida

Mon 24 May 2021

Stream time / 8:00pm

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Powerful songs and rhythms from Cabo Verde 

Elida Almeida already stands out at 27, with her honeyed smile and solar energy, as youthful as she is mature, as the muse of Cape Verde's new musical generation. Together with her fellow musicians, Elida, whose roots lie on the island of Santiago, is helping to explode the codes of Cape Verdean music: a tradition illuminated by the guardian figure of Cesaria Evora.

The wandering songs on her new album 'Gerasonobu' were composed all over the world, during tours, in the semi-awakened dream of an airplane trip to Lisbon where she lives, or to Abidjan.

"Each time, my creations, in the heart of Cape Verde, were impregnated with the vibrations and music of the territories in which I wrote them", she smiles.

A splendid blend of rhythm and singing that sounds as if it is from the heyday of Afro-Cuban dance bands and the music they inspired throughout Africa

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