What we do

Serious is a unique force in the field of live music. 

The company makes a major contribution to the arts world through a national programme that is internationally recognised, working with a network of partners to ensure the greatest reach for our work; each year we produce over 800 events, work with over 2,600 artists, reach live audiences of over 320,000 in over 300 venues, and have a broadcast reach of over 44 million.      

This rich mix is mirrored in the spectrum of what Serious does:

  • For the public we produce live music events from major festivals to small clubs right across Britain and Ireland. Find out more.
  • To schools, community and youth groups we offer access to inspirational musical experiences, workshops and training programmes. Find out more
  • To musicians and composers we offer professional development and the chance to build audiences and fulfil artistic aspirations. Find out more.
  • For sponsors and partners we deliver excellence and a creative response to business objectives. Find out more.
  • For organisations which choose Serious as a partner we make connections and collaborations and bring creative content, expertise and flair to achieving our shared goals. Find out more.