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What we do

Serious are producers of outstanding live cultural experiences, including festivals, concerts, tours, creative engagement projects and talent development schemes.

We are a team of passionate and committed professionals, from a variety of creative disciplines, working toward the common goal of making music that matters to the people and communities of our country.

Our portfolio of renowned cultural activities includes live concerts, festivals, creative engagement projects and talent development schemes. Our work is national and international, working with a range of partners, and reflects the society in which we operate. Our work aims to be original, distinctive and relevant, with a strand of social justice running at the core of our work, making music matter to those we engage.

We at Serious understand music's unique role as a cultural and social catalyst, and strive to break barriers for those wanting to access high quality music. Our vision is that all people can engage with music in a way which benefits them, represents them, and matters to them.

This rich mix is mirrored in the spectrum of what Serious does:

  • To musicians, composers and creators we offer a wealth of professional development opportunities, the chance fulfil artistic aspirations and build sustainable careers. Find out more.
  • To individuals, schools and communities across the UK we offer access to inspirational musical experiences, workshops and training programmes. Find out more. Find out more.
  • For sponsors and partners we offer a creative response to business and CSR objectives, delivering excellence every time. Find out more. Find out more.