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Streams from Africa: Azu Tiwaline & Cinna Peyghamy

Streams from Africa: Azu Tiwaline & Cinna Peyghamy

Fri 28 May 2021

Stream time / 9:00pm





Electronic sounds of the Tunisian Sahara

Azu Tiwaline is a producer inspired by the need to explore her origins, rooted in the Tunisian Sahara. The call to a different sound, organic and raw, vibrating in the great spaces of the African desert where trance music resonates, as an ecstatic ritual.

Uniting the bonds that connect Berber music, dub culture and techno hypnosis, Azu Tiwaline invites us to refocus on our senses and our Nature. She knows how to use contrasts between light and the invisible, exploring the complexity of our emotions and the mystery that emanates from them, in a polyrhythmic chiaroscuro that runs through each one of her tracks. In this concert, Azu will be performing with Paris-based Iranian percussionist and sound artist Cinna Peyghamy.

The Berber signifiers make her music unique; what makes it compelling is her exploration of a space where body music and head music become one.


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