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Talent Development

Serious is committed to providing talent development opportunities that enable young and emerging artists to reach their full potential. We have devised and developed a suite of initiatives for emerging creative composer-performers, which enable selected artists to take time out to develop their music, build their careers and get their music out into the world.

Seriously Talented draws together Serious’ talent development programmes which, for over a decade, have supported a wide range of artists working in jazz, improvised and related musics:

Take Five: UK – a nationwide programme for emerging jazz musicians.

Take Five: Europe & Take Five: Switzerland & South Africa – international programmes for emerging jazz musicians.

Air Time: Jazz CPD Scotland – for emerging jazz musicians living and working in Scotland.

Move On Up – for musicians working in African and Caribbean music, who are based in England.

Giant Steps - working with creative musicians of any genre, and encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration and the creation of large-scale work. Help Musicians UK has made a significant contribution to the realisation of the project through their National Grants Programme. Serious Trust will also be contributing to the programme.

'Take Five is the ultimate 'demystifier'. Every smoky, unclear or unknown corner of the music industry can be approached and looked at up-close and within the big picture. It is flexible enough to be tailored to individuals whilst showing that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone who took part in the process, peers, guests or organisers showed total availability for the discussions to happen...and they did. It claims to allow musicians to take a step back but really, it makes them step right in.'
(Robin Fincker, Take Five: UK participant)

'Results are outstanding! This is a unique project and all participants from Poland consider it to be a life/career changing experience. We are very glad to be one of the partners of this extraordinary project.'
(Piotr Turkiewicz, Artistic Director, Jazztopad Festival, partner for Take Five: Europe)

Seriously Talented Honorary Patrons: John Surman, Jules Buckley

Serious is grateful to the organisations and individuals who support Seriously Talented, without whom these programmes would not be possible. To find out more about supporting Seriously Talented artists and our charity Serious Trust, click here.