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Streams from Africa: Umlilo + LaliBoi | Double Bill

Streams from Africa: Umlilo + LaliBoi | Double Bill

Fri 28 May 2021

Stream time / 8:00pm





A unique blend of hip-hop and South African tribal music

LaliBoi is a multi-talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who recently released Siyangaph - one of the most exciting hip-hop releases of recent years. In collaboration with renowned producer Spoek Mathambo, the album fuses his rural Xhosa roots with streetwise township flavour to create a unique and vital blend of hip-hop, jazz and traditional South African tribal music.

A highly skilled and technical MC, LaliBoi’s bouncy raps launch you into the full beauty of the Xhosa language. Whether as a first time hearer or language connoisseur, you are sure to adore his highly musical, vocal approach. As well as playing guitar and trumpet, LaliBoi uses his lyrics and voice as one more instrument to add to Mathambo’s diverse array of beats.

A compelling listen - for lovers of alternative music that's not bound by any form of limitations or concessions.


Genre and gender bending alt-pop

Umlilo is a genre and gender bending multi-disciplinary artist. The queer performer/music producer’s signature sound, dubbed ‘future kwaai’, explores and pushes the boundaries of electronic kwaito, alt-pop music in contemporary South Africa, and has been a regular fixture in the international music community. 

Umlilo merges an avant-garde aesthetic with technology, visual art, dance, film, and fashion design, and has given two TED talks titled “Technology resuscitates art”. 

Umilo’s “future kwaai” sound has entered the slipstream of South African artists who have redefined the country’s musical output in the eyes of an international audience,


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