Saxophonist Duncan Eagles opened for Joshua Redman at the Barbican Centre last year and is recognized internationally for his work with his band Partikel. Now he joins with Partikel bassist and electronic artist Max Luthert as Million Square, a mix of multi-layered digital beats and floating jazz saxophone licks. They perform recent releases and exclusively preview upcoming new work tonight from 7pm


There's just enough time to take a breather and grab a drink before our next livestream of the evening.

Serious joins with National Concert Hall, Dublin to present folk singer-songwriter Lisa O'Neill in a solo concert of 'raw and unvarnished folk. Uncompromising, stunning, soul-shaking stuff’ (★★★★★ Guardian). 

She sold out Union Chapel, was part of our Imagining Ireland show, and we hope to tour her work in 2021

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Rob Luft with special guest Elina Duni

Abel Selaocoe: Hae ke kae? Where is home?

Stubbleman: The Blackbird Tapes

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