Whilst we prepare this year's Festival, we've been reliving some of the great shows that have graced the EFG London Jazz Festival so far. We've already shared 2017's Jazz Voice concert in full, our Music From Out There, In Here: 25 Years of the London Jazz Festival book,  Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi + HMP Wormwood Scrubs Ensemble 2019 concert in full, and Abel Selaocoe's performance from our 2019 launch party

Enjoy even more content below, including some full live shows, from throughout the years

Soul Rebels Brass Band perform for BBC Jazz on 3 while crossing Golden Jubilee Bridge | 2010

Betty Lavette full concert | 2016

Faraj Suleiman performs 'Naughty Boy' | 2019

Black String | 2019

Kadri Voorand with Mihkel Mälgand | 2017

Aaron Goldberg Trio concert in full | 2014

Henry Spencer & Juncture | 2017

The Bad Plus | 2014

Phronesis concert in full | 2013

Riot Jazz | 2013

Stan Sulzmann | 2013

Gabrielle Ducomble Band | 2017

Lau concert in full | 2014

Spoek | 2013

Gary Bartz & Maisha with Dwight Trible & Zara McFarlane soundchecking for their We Out Here show | 2019

Alan Hampton | 2013

KOKOMO | 2015

Joshua Blackmore's SiZE, featuring Matt Calvert Tom Cawley and Chris Sharkey | 2019

'The World Gone Mad' Jazz Repertory Company Orchestra | 2018

Jan Garbarek Group's EFG London Jazz Festival 2012 show was reviewed by Chris Parker and has now been recorded as a podcast by Lisa Diveney

Have you seen?