Saxophonist and Composer playing my own music internationally as the Sax/Drum duo Skeltr. Based in Manchester, I spent 6 years as part of Beats and Pieces Big band whilst completing a degree in Classical Music at RNCM. Performed live on Radio 3 for classical ensembles, won the Johnny Raducanu improvisation prize in Romania and spent a year as soprano sax for Ensemble Denada in Norway. My music is emotion based, groove driven and for the most part, diatonic - exploring the effects of a materially driven world on beings who are guided by their internal (emotional) experiences and expressing this through composition and improvisation that is as ecstatic and joyous as it is sombre and sensitive. Technical proficiency is very important to me to allow immediate representation of improvised ideas and highly responsive musical communication with other members of any performance are essential so an audience can clearly perceive relationship, tension and release and a shared sense of journey throughout their listening experience.