Our partnership with Jazz FM focuses on key values that compliment each other’s contribution to the jazz industry and is characterised by our joint commitment to championing jazz. 

We showcase a wide definition of the genre from international icons to home-grown talent and rising stars, both at EFG London Jazz Festival and through our wider national programme. This is echoed in Jazz FM’s own ethos of ‘listen in colour’ which champions the diversity of the genre

We have built a year-round partnership with Jazz FM and work collaboratively across a number of events, with two main focal points, the Jazz FM Awards and EFG LJF. Jazz FM were woven through the heart of EFG LJF 2017 programme, delivering a series of pre-concert talks at major concerts and three Jazz FM Live broadcasts during the Festival.

Outside of the Jazz FM Awards and EFG LJF, we work together with the shared aspiration to raise the profile of jazz across national audiences and also amplify the work of Serious Trust, one of Jazz FM’s official charity partners.