EFG has been a supporter of Serious and the London Jazz Festival since 2008, and headline sponsor since 2013, recently extending this relationship until 2023. Our partnership plays a fundamental role in supporting the quality and breadth of the whole Festival programme, allowing Serious’ incredible programming team to realise their ambitious vision across the Festival’s 10 days. 

We have shaped our partnership based on the shared characteristics of jazz as an art form, and EFG as a brand. Together we champion creativity, innovation, diversity and collaboration, ensuring they are at the heart of everything we build together. As a part of the Festival, EFG supports the Elements Series which has been created to specifically showcase these values, aligning EFG with the artistic excellence that the Festival is known for.

The great thing about Serious is that they possess all the necessary attributes: passion for their subject; organisational skill with the necessary attention to detail; and always proactive

(EFG International)