We've been working with artists to keep the music flowing during lockdown.

If you missed the Rob Luft, Stubbleman or Camilla George Serious Livestream Sessions we have already hosted, or wanted to enjoy them again, you can replay it, in full, in the below videos. 

Upcoming Serious Livestream Sessions

Friday 29 May - extraordinary cellist Abel Selaocoe will perform a Serious Livestream Session ahead of his EFG London Jazz Festival show at Southbank Centre on Tuesday 17 November. 

To give you a taste of his unique, genre-busting style, incorporating looping and expressive vocals, check out below a previously unshared performance at last year's EFG London Jazz Festival launch party, when the room was stunned to silence.

Friday 12 June - Saxophonist Duncan Eagles and electronic artist Max Luthert are Million Square - a mix of multi-layered digital beats and floating jazz saxophone licks.

'Million Square I’m excited about. Led by two eclectic and masterful musicians on the fringe of electronic and acoustic brilliance' (Moses Boyd)

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We've also gathered sessions from our wider Serious family for you to enjoy below

Muntu Valdo

Vula Viel

Max ZT of House of Waters

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