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In the meantime, feel the connection with Mauro Durante's new piece 'We're All in the Same Dance'

In Southern Italy, music and dance were once used to exorcise the poison of the Taranta spider. Today, in the midst of a global emergency, music comes out of the walls of a house in Puglia. 112 dancers film themselves performing a dance with their smartphones. In their rooms, houses, on rooftops, balconies, on fire escapes... Everywhere. Everybody on the same music. We're all in the same dance.

'Quarantine and seclusion were getting overwhelming. I was feeling sad and scared, then I grabbed my violin, wrote a piece and got the idea of making a video out of it, involving dancers from different parts of the world who would film themselves from their own quarantine.

After speaking to my wife Silvia, a dancer, and my friend Gabriele Surdo, one of the most talented film directors I know, we started almost feverishly, daydreaming and traveling in thought. Hundreds of people responded to our appeal - friends, colleagues and people completely unknown to us. People who shared their time, their distant bodies, moving in unison.

We are excited, moved. We are not alone.'
(Mauro Durante)

Mauro Durante
is a violinist and composer, who played with Ludovico Einaudi and leads the award-winning group Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, who played the BBC Proms last summer. He will be touring with British guitarist Justin Adams this autumn: www.serious.org.uk/justinandmauro. Past film music he's written has won the Amnesty Peace Prize, and this film proudly supports Amnesty International.

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