The Third Orchestra shall perform their premiere concerts on Saturday 16 February at The Pit at Barbican Centre, London at both 3pm and 7.30pm. Click here for information on the shows.

In the below video, Peter Wiegold and Shri Sriram explore the first ideas for one of the pieces that will be developed into a full ensemble piece for the Third Orchestra performances this weekend.  You'll be able to hear how it evolves at the Barbican on Saturday.

Imagine an orchestra without boundaries, with players from all over the world drawing from a wealth of global musical traditions and languages – from formal structure, to improvisation, to electronica.

Enter the Third Orchestra –- an opportunity to delve into the dynamic between structure and freedom, composition and improvisation, groove and texture. A brand new ensemble that places the creative process at its heart, transcending cultural background, gender and generation, and reflecting the changing face of music within today’s global culture. 

In the Orchestra’s first incarnation, 22 innovative music creators from musicians from across world traditions and contemporary music disciplines come together with musical director Peter Wiegold in a week of workshop and performance at the Barbican between February 11 and 19 (link to Barbican page), ending with a day of activity with young musicians to explore the Orchestra’s potential as a learning resource.

The first steps in a journey that begins in the multi-cultural melting pot of London, but with the ambition to expand worldwide.

Find out more about the vision and the players by clicking here.

The Third Orchestra builds on the innovative cross-cultural work of Club Inégales, with partners Barbican, Serious, Guildhall School and ABRSM, to shine new light on the role that a truly diverse contemporary orchestra can play in creating a vigorous new music.