• Mariza by David Sinclair

The jazz scene lost another friend and colleague on Monday, with the death of David Sinclair - a wonderful photographer, working almost entirely in black and white, and often creating striking images of live performance that made dramatic use of stage lighting. His work was fired by an enthusiasm for the music and the people who made it, and whilst his evocative photographs of musicians playing conveyed the spirit of the moment, he also had a talent for capturing the essence of the person behind the music – in rehearsal, or simply hanging out backstage.

David documented Serious' work over many years, and many of his images have adorned the office walls – and although it was a passion, his photographs ranged much wider.

Stan Tracey by David Sinclair

He leaves a legacy of an amazing archive – now curated by his son Malcolm, who has been a massive support in recent years especially. Most of the pictures on the walls of Ronnie Scott's, Pizza Express Jazz Soho, and the 606 Club in Chelsea are from David’s camera – some achievement, considering how severely disabled he was – and since a car accident in 2014 he was downcast that he had lost his ability to inhabit London clubs night after night and spend time with his many musician friends. Yet, while the last year of his life was endured in even more pain than previous decades, he was happier than for many years and described last Christmas as the best he had ever had.

A proud Scot, he shared with one director of Serious a perverse interest in the fortunes of Heart of Midlothian FC – a mutual fascination for the unpredictable vagaries of the beautiful game.

David was dedicated to his family, and he cared for his wife Kathy over many years – and his funeral in April will take place on what would have been her birthday. Our condolences go to Malcolm and his three grandchildren.

Sonny Rollins by David Sinclair