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K-Music 2020

We are delighted to announce that K-Music, London’s festival of Korean music, returns this year as a selection of streamed performances.

A fantastic programme of online concerts in mini-series format. K-Music Greats includes artists that have performed at previous K-Music festivals, are some of the biggest names in Korean music. This year they include Songlines Award Winners Black String and Jambinai. and the sensational singer Heemoon Lee alongside Prelude and NomNom. For K-Music Critics’ Choice we have selected world-renowned groups Coreyah, LeeNalchi and Sinnoi, who are enjoying growing success. K-Music Specials will stream full-length concerts and include a new performance from gayageum trio Hey String as well as an outstanding collaboration with Park Jiha, Kyungso Park, Woojae Park and Soona Park.

Artists in the K-Music Encounters category will discuss their work before presenting some unique collaborations and one-off pieces and this year include Yoon Jeong Her, Kyungso Park & Soona Park and the renowned pansori artist Jaram Lee. A K-Music Encounters Special features the musical director of Parasite Jae il Jung's new collaboration. The final category, K-Music New Talent, offers a chance to hear fresh sounds from Korea’s up-and-coming new groups and this year we showcase Dongyang Gozupa, Gray By Silver, Dal:um and Gonia

Get your live show tickets below and watch online this November.

A festival that is ‘original, powerful and thrilling like nothing you have ever heard before’ (★★★★★ Evening Standard)

Full digital programme:

  • Sat 31 Oct | JAMBINAI - K-Music Greats | YouTube, 5pm
  • Mon 2 Nov | DONGYANG GOZUPA & DAL:UM - K-Music New Talent | YouTube, 7pm
  • Tue 3 Nov | YOON JEONG HER (Black String) - K-Music Encounters | YouTube, 7pm
  • Wed 4 Nov | KYUNGSO PARK & SOONA PARK - K-Music Encounters | YouTube, 7pm
  • Wed 4 Nov | JAE IL JUNG & SOONA PARK - K-Music Encounters | YouTube, 7.25pm
  • Thu 5 Nov | JARAM LEE - K-Music Encounters | YouTube, 7pm
  • Fri 6 Nov | HEY STRING - K-Music Specials | YouTube, 7pm 
  • Sat 7 Nov | BLACK STRING - K-Music Greats | YouTube, 5pmMon 9 Nov | GRAY BY SILVER & GONIA - K-Music New Talent | YouTube, 7pm
  • Tue 10 Nov | COREYAH - K-Music Critic's Choice | YouTube, 7pm
  • Wed 11 Nov | SINNOI - K-Music Critic's Choice | YouTube, 7pm
  • Thu 12 Nov | LEENALCHI - K-Music Critic's Choice | YouTube, 7pm
  • Fri 13 Nov | PARK JIHA + KYUNGSO PARK + WOOJAE PARK + SOONA PARK - K-Music Specials | YouTube, 7pm
  • Sat 14 Nov | HEEMOON LEE + PRELUDE + NOMNOM | YouTube, 5pm