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Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega

Fri 24 June 2022

Stage time / 8:00pm

Doors / 7:00pm

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READING Hexagon,
Queens Walk


£32.50.- £37.50 + booking fee

Vega revisits some of her most New York-centric repertoire, such as classic hits 'Luka' and 'Tom’s Diner'

Widely regarded as one of the foremost songwriters of her generation, Suzanne Vega emerged as a leading figure of the folk-music revival of the early 1980s. Since the release of her self-titled, critically acclaimed 1985 debut album, she has written and recorded numerous songs that have become part of the contemporary music vernacular, including 'Luka', certainly the only hit song ever written from the perspective of an abused boy, 'Marlene on the Wall', a surprise hit in the UK and 'Tom’s Diner', a strange little a cappella piece that was remixed by U.K. electronic dance duo 'DNA' and became a major club hit. Her albums, including her self-titled debut, the follow up, Solitude Standing and 99.9F have sold millions of copies.

Bearing the stamp of a masterful storyteller who "observes the world with a clinically poetic eye," Suzanne’s songs have always tended to focus on city life, ordinary people and real world subjects. Notably succinct and understated, Suzanne Vega’s work is immediately recognizable, as utterly distinct and thoughtful as it was when her voice was first heard on the radio over 30 years ago.


An Evening of New York Songs and Stories 
Album: https://svega.lnk.to/NYSAS

Produced by Kilimanjaro & Serious

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