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Serious Livestream Sessions - Justin Adams

Serious Livestream Sessions - Justin Adams

Sat 09 May 2020

Stream time / 8:00pm

In this special Serious Livestream Session, we join forces with Royal Albert Hall to present Justin Adams. The guitarist, producer and composer will draw together the musical strands of his life. From his childhood in the Middle East, his years in London collaborating with Jah Wobble and others, his travels to Morocco and meeting Tinariwen in the Sahara, to his work with Robert Plant, to his love of blues, rock and roll, and Celtic music. Each fascinating anecdote will be illustrated with a song or guitar instrumental straight from his home studio – an Aladdin's cave of instruments and artefacts from across the globe.

During the Serious Livestream Session, Justin will chat to his friend and collaborator Mauro Durante (leader of award-winning pizzica group Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino) about the music they will bring on tour this November, as well as performing some of this new music for you.



Watch our film about how these two master musicians met and developed their unique sound together through friendship and shared love of international music. From different musical paths; one post-punk, rock, and blues, the other from the trance of Taranta, folk, and traditional, their music builds up a frenzy of passion and elation.

Justin Adams and Mauro Durante | A Film by Serious

A Serious film made by Magenta Films, directed by Alex Freidin-Goss