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K-Music 2021

South Korea is in the midst of a cultural golden age, so it is no surprise that K-Music had a superabundance of musical riches


London’s Festival of Korean music returns to the live stage this October & November, bringing exciting new talent from Korea to venues across the capital.

Internationally loved ADG7 open the Festival with explosive pop-rock cabaret and shamanic folk songs

Then a fascinating meeting between South and North Korea and Wales with gayaguem masters Kyungso Park and Soona Park with fiddler and singer Angharad Jenkins for an intriguing encounter of Eastern and Western strings

Dongyang Gozupa bring trail-blazing, heavy percussion with yanggeum (metal-stringed zither), Sinnoi present the extraordinary vocals of Bora Kim over a mix of ancient shamanic music with minimalism, jazz and electronica.

Multi-award winning ACT artists Black String return to celebrate their 10th year anniversary with old friend and masterful jazz guitarist Nguyên Lê to perform their highly-acclaimed collaborative album Karma

K-Music joins with the National Theatre of Korea for the first time to present Dal:um exploring the ethereal soundscape of gayageum and geomungo (silk-stringed zither) post the release of their Glitterbeat debut Similar and Different 

Korea's leading experimental drummer Soojin Suh closes the Festival with her trio Coloris in a collaboration with Nigerian-born, London-based saxophonist Camilla George as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

Discover the shows below