Dead Ringers Live

Jon Culshaw . Lewis MacLeod . Jan Ravens . Duncan Wisbey

Created and directed by Bill Dare

Step in the world of one of the most influential and critically acclaimed radio shows of the last 20 years this May, when DEAD RINGERS LIVE comes to the Barbican Theatre in London for a limited run of five shows. 

This is the very first time this legendary BBC Radio 4 programme has been taken out of the studio and performed live in public and promises to be a hilarious evening. In the current political climate, there’s never been a better time to bring this unique show to the stage.

Photo credit: Andy Cotterill

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    • ‘ No politician, sports personality or celebrity is off limits. From Donald Trump to Tony Blair to Gordon Brown to Alan Bennett, there really isn’t anyone Culshaw can’t impersonate, and he segues between each character with great aplomb and a natural ease. ’
      (**** The Wee Review)
    • ‘ Although Culshaw has a distinctive timbre, there appears to be almost no one he can’t nail. His Trump and Bush are good; his Obama is outstanding. The effect is enhanced when he lets us in on some of the craft. ’
      (*** The Times)
    • ‘ [Her show]…..features portraits not only of our warbling prime minister, but of the glad-handing, steely-eyed Hillary Clinton and the frosty Angela Merkel, as well as Nicola Sturgeon, Diane Abbott and Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark. Each is conjured up with hair’s-breadth accuracy. ’
      (The Guardian)
    • ‘ Takes on Nigel Farage - Lewis MacLeod does him as a barking, tally-ho Little Englander sequestered in his local pub. You actually feel as if he's right there next to you spitting on your neck - and Nick Clegg (seething with anger beneath a veil of forced, John Major-ish niceness and a series of "nice shirts") feel fully realised and on-point. ’
      (The Guardian)