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Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog

Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog

Mon 05 February 2024

Stage time / 7:30pm

Doors / 7:00pm


Jazz Cafe,
5 Parkway

"Ceramic Dog, a power trio of jazz geniuses who inflect literate rock with formidable chops. The synthesis is frenetic, potent, and at odds with the zeitgeist"

Through the band’s 5th studio release, Connection, which came out in 2023, Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog have pushed their long-brewing tension between traditional pop songcraft and avantgarde improvisational music to the breaking point. Declared by Ribot to be “the best record we’ve ever done,” Connection sees Ceramic Dog furthering their long flirtation with various strains of rock ‘n’ roll while remaining fully entrenched in their signature approach to improvised music, augmented by contributions by such special guests as singer-songwriter Syd Straw, keyboardist Anthony Coleman, saxophonist James Brandon Lewis, organist Greg Lewis, clarinetist Oscar Noriega, and cellist Peter Sachon

The album is heralded by today’s premiere of the ferocious title track, “Connection,” a loose, lo-fi instrumental deeply informedby the scuzz-fueled history of Lower East Side noise rock from the Velvet Underground to White Hassle.“

The trio features Marc Ribot (guitar), Gordon Smith (Drums) and Shahzad Ismaily (bass).

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