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Carnegie Hall x Serious

Jordi Savall: Bal-Kan | Voices of Hope

Jordi Savall: Bal-Kan | Voices of Hope

Mon 26 April

Stream time / 9:00am

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Musical dialogue brought about by conquest, oppression, and conflict—that of the Balkans, and the Roma and Armenian diasporas—is the focus of Bal-Kan: Honey and Blood, Music in the Ottoman Empire, featuring viola da gamba virtuoso, conductor and musicologist Jordi Savall.

Savall takes great pleasure in smashing together music from different times and different cultures; a truly incredible variety


From the reign of the Ottoman Turks to the political divisions of the 20th century, Savall calls the Balkans “at one and the same time a rich meeting point and the theater of dramatic confrontations.” This programme explores the diverse cultural traditions that adapted and flourished in the Ottoman Empire.

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