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Thu 05 November

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Thursday 5 November | YouTube

Get behind the music with our Encounters series – where compelling artists talk about and perform their craft. In this broadcast, leading pansori singer Jaram Lee discusses her new pansori piece, The Old Man and The Sea

As a singer of pansori (Korean opera) leading name Jaram Lee has studied under legendary masters Hee-jin Eun, Jeong-suk Oh and Soon Sub Song, who recognised her talent at an early age.

She has captivated audiences by writing and composing herself, releasing the only modern pansoris, Sacheon-ga and Ukchuk-ga, based on work by German dramatist Bertolt Brecht, which went on to perform to sell-out shows across the world.

Lee once again showed her potential as a creator and performer with pansori works, Stranger’s Song based on the short story by Gabriel García Márquez and The Old Man and The Sea based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway. She also won the Best Actress award at the Korea Musical Awards for Musical Seopyenje.

Her talents don’t stop there as her work includes lead vocal for Amado LEE Jaram Band, radio DJ presenter, gayageum player, guitarist, composer, writer, and music director

‘The artist Jaram Lee is well known in Korea where she protects the tradition of pansori by revisiting it with her weapons: voice and expression that she modulates at will to the precise rhythm of the traditional drum’


‘Jaram Lee is a natural born storyteller. She has a rare talent, allowing her to balance the upholding of tradition and re-creating the genre for the 21st century’

(Korean Times)

‘She crosses every genre she is interested in, from pansori, directing, drama, acting, composing, songwriting, music director, to a vocal in a music band. It's not even shallow. Her name has become enough description to show her depth in any genre’

(Naver All That Art)