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Dina Ögon

Dina Ögon

Wed 04 September 2024

Stage time / 7:00pm

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Islington Assembly Hall,
Upper Street
N1 2UD


£19.70 - £23.70 + booking fee

It is difficult to think of many other bands that exude as much sun and summer as the Swedish band Dina Ögon. With their warm and organic sound that blends airy Nordic pop, soul, bossa nova, and psychedelic daydreams, the band has created the perfect soundtrack for cool summer drinks, longing glances, and beach sunsets.

However, it's not just a particular sound and atmosphere that the band nails. The quartet from Stockholm also has a firm grip on good melodies and luxurious arrangements in beautifully swaying songs that evoke memories of both the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, and old Motown hits transplanted into bright Swedish summer nights.

Despite the Nordic sound, the band also draws solid inspiration from music worldwide, with threads to Brazil, Turkey, Nigeria, and many other places. Even though they sing in Swedish, the band has gained recognition far beyond Sweden's borders. Tyler, The Creator himself declared their song "Tombola 94" from their self-titled debut album to be his favourite song in 2022.

Dina Ögon release their new third album with the title Orion - which is out now!

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