Yael Miller was born in Tel Aviv where she studied voice, piano and trombone. She has been composing and performing her own musical projects since she was a teenager and her desire to develop her music mixed with her innate nomadic instincts, lead her successively to New York, France and finally to Geneva where she settled in 2006. She now performs with various jazz bands (Evaristo Pérez – Bopster), in rock musical comedy (Brico Jardin – Lola Folding), with klezmer and ladino music (Michel Borzykowski – Hotegezugt) and rappers (Jonas, Rox-Anuar). From 2008 to 2016, she was the co-leader and composer of band Orioxy with harpist Julie Campiche. In parallel she studied Khyal, classical singing of North India. Yael weaves her own universe inspired by oriental, Indian and experimental sounds, funk, rock and jazz.