Luci Holland is a Scottish (Edinburgh-based) composer, arranger, conductor, oboist/vocalist, voice actor, and arts producer who composes for film, games and concert.  

Luci graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Composition for Screen in 2013, now working regularly as a freelance composer and with the youth music charity Tinderbox Project, classical music organisation Absolute Classics, and occasionally coordinating artistic interactive seminars and performances as the Edinburgh Game Symposium and with her music-for-media band Mantra Collective. Luci has worked with the Tinderbox Project since 2014 after joining them as an apprentice in 2013. Working as a musical director and project manager on our orchestral and community music courses, Luci now works with them as a Programme Director, developing, coordinating and delivering several innovative orchestral courses for 2018.

Luci also co-founded the Edinburgh Game Symposium in 2013, a voluntary organisation that raises awareness of the cultural, artistic and technological impact of the games industry, and coordinating special events that bring international game industry professionals speakers to Scotland. In October 2016 they had their first ever AWEdio Jam; a bringing together of audio professionals from many media backgrounds to collaborate on interactive games audio products. She also works as a freelance tutor with Absolute Classics, developing and delivering game music & composition courses for higher students in the Dumfries & Galloway area.

In 2016 she also orchestrated and produced an arrangement of Jessica Curry’s 'Disappearing' for official release with label Materia Collective, and is composing the music for indie game Echoes, in addition to bespoke tracks for Skyrim mod Lordbound. Luci works as a freelance composer and sound designer for a range of artistic and commercial products – including as a member of projection specialists Projector Club and as sound designer & composer for multiple international animated film projects.

Currently she is also working on several other international collaborative recording and music projects for film, and original music albums, and just completed a custom-built interactive sonic art installation for the Hidden Door festival, called CITADEL.