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Jemma Freese

Keyboards, Piano, Voice

Jemma Freese started playing piano around the age of 10 and quickly discovered that she liked making up songs and only enjoyed playing her own material. As a teenager, she was heavily influenced by Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Muse and Tom Waits, this fed into her interest in jazz as a vocalist as well as piano player. From the age of 17 she started writing her own songs to help her get through the bullying she went through at school. She then went on to study Pop Composition and Jazz vocals at Leeds College of Music from 2014-2017 for which she graduated with First honours. 

Jemma is now a full-time musician and teach vocals and piano/ keyboard at Leeds Music Academy and has done numerous jazz and improvisation workshops with Jazz North and BlueJam Arts in Penrith aimed at young females. Her projects include J Frisco, an avant-garde/ electronic/ punk/ experimental/ jazz trio; freese trio, a triphop/ electronica/ grunge/ darkjazz band where she composes all the music; DOMI, an electro-pop band with members from the UK, Czech Republic and Norway; Eva Eik, a 4-piece alternative electronic Scandi-pop band where she is one of the composers; Maximo Park where she is the keyboardist/ backing vocalist; and No Fixed Identity, a duo where she improvises on the keyboard, creating a dark/ spoken word/ hiphop/ experimental/ electronic/ jazz sound.

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