Helen Papaioannouis a composer and baritone/alto saxophonist based in Sheffield, UK. She has a fascination with the dynamics of group interaction, and often works with game strategies in her collaborations. Helen’s new solo project, Kar Pouzi, intertwines saxophone, synthesisers and drum machines in tides of pulses, ecstatic drones & churning bass.

Helen’s compositions have been performed by Workers Union Ensemble, Ensemble neoN, Nieuw Ensemble, Galvanize Ensemble, Cobalt Duo, Michael Speers/Renzo Spiteri, LSO and Northern Sinfonia. Garlic Hug, her duo with Alessandro Altavilla, combines a playground of instruments in droney swamps, hiccuping beats and clamorous riffs. Helen improvises and performs with various collaborators, and has played as one third of the band Beauty Pageant, a member of the trio HOKKETT, and the band PONPON