Chris Sharkey is a musician who plays guitar in no particular style with lots of different people. He is also an inspired educator and a founding member of the Leeds Improvised Music Association (LIMA). Sharkey plays, composes and arranges music for several groundbreaking UK groups including trioVD, Acoustic Ladyland, World Sanguine Report and Bilbao Syndrome. Outside of the UK, he collaborates with musicians from Norway (The Geordie Approach and Nils Henrik Aarsheim), France (Christian Sebille and Franck Vigroux), Spain (Asociación Musica Libre) and Lithuania (Liudas Mockūnas and Marijus Aleksa). In addition he has performed with musicians from many backgrounds including Mark Knopfler, Ken Vandermark, The Sisters of Mercy, Marc Ribot, Spring Heel Jack, Jack DeJohnette, Debbie Harry, Andy Sheppard and Corinne Bailey Rae.