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Adriano Adewale

Percussionist & Vocalist / London

A charismatic performer and creator of dynamic projects of all kinds – from visual arts to dance and theatre – he has toured the world with his own distinctive sounds as well as performing the sounds of a vast of array of international collaborators from a variety of musical genres. 

Working in partnership with artists from other artforms, Adewale has created soundtracks to accompany the work of fine artist Monica de Miranda, the British dance company Stacked Wonky, an animation based on 'Little Red Riding Hood' and was the on stage musical lynchpin in the acclaimed Theatre Rites production, Mojo, a co-production with the Barbican and Salzburg Festival, which toured to New York in the autumn of 2012.

Adewale’s own projects are equally diverse in nature.In 2013 he premiered, at the EFG London Jazz Festival, Catapluf's Musical Journey, a live work for 5 – 7 year olds that explores music from around the world and stimulates children’s own music-making. The show subsequently toured the UK and into Europe.

In 2011 he was commissioned by Bath International Music Festival to write a piece to open the festival called Talking About Us, a large participatory work based on Children's Rights, which involved over 200 young people performing in choirs as well as playing horns and percussion.

For more information:adrianoadewale.co.uk

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