Meet the team


  • John Cumming OBE
  • David Jones
  • Claire Whitaker OBE

Development & Learning

  • Diana Howlett - Head of Development
  • Anna Casey - Learning & Participation Manager
  • Katie Pattinson - Development
  • Jack Cuthbertson - Development
  • Grace Lindley - Learning & Participation
  • Katalin Milnes - PA to Claire Whitaker

This team works closely with Claire Whitaker and is responsible for new business development through the establishment of partnerships in the public, private and NGO sectors. This includes managing relationships with current funders and sponsors. Equally the team is responsible for devising, managing and realising the company's learning and participation programmes.


  • Trish Brown - Head of Production
  • Beth Gallimore - Production
  • Luke Macpherson - Production

The Production team manages the logistical planning and production of all our events and on a strategic level contributes to the shaping and development of our work.


  • Piers Mason - Associate Director, Communications
  • Anne Lawler - Communications
  • Beth Sinden - Communications

The Communications team manages the marketing and press campaigns for all Serious events, including the EFG London Jazz Festival and The Streets.


  • Fran Bryant - Head of Operations


  • Ope Igbinyemi - Associate Director, Finance
  • Emma Kavanagh - Finance
  • Blessing Mugadza - Finance

The Finance team is responsible for the financial control and accounting of the business.