Family Jazz All Stars

Family Jazz All Stars is a family focused show in which highly accomplished artists provide a fun-filled tribute to jazz singers past and present. It’s an informative, fun and upbeat whistle stop journey through the genre, including jazz standards from down the years and distinctive takes on popular classics. 

Previously, singers such as Zoe Gilby and Juliet Kelly have led the concerts, which are perfect for all the family, from children to grandparents. To find out more, email

We had a great time at Zoe’s concert for the EFG London Jazz Festival 2016. Her performance was very captivating and it was really great listening to Jazz music for the first time. It was really cool because Zoe also sang well-known songs like I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book, which made the music more accessible. She managed to get the audience to interact too and we did a fun quiz about instruments and songs as well.

(Young reviewer)

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