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Be a supporter for £5,000+ a year

How your donation will be used

An annual gift at this level would make a huge difference to what we are able to achieve, with the potential to sponsor an artist’s full participation in a talent development residency from start to finish, including pre-residency support, access to invaluable new contacts, collaborations, skills development opportunities, and ongoing mentoring in the year after.

We will work closely with you to determine how your gift is used and would thank you for your gift with invitations to exclusive VIP events with artists, access to sold-out shows and complimentary tickets to Serious produced shows all year round including the EFG London Jazz Festival.

Transactions are processed securely by Stripe. You can pay via debit or credit card.

Alternatively you can send a cheque to: Serious Trust, 51 Kingsway Place, Sans Walk, EC1R 0LU