Current sponsorship opportunities

Serious produces a broad programme of events and activity, as part of both our landmark property, the annual EFG London Jazz Festival, and our wider year-round work; within this rich programme there are many sponsorship opportunities, both stand-alone properties and strands of focus grouping together multiple pieces activity.

We are proud of our bespoke approach to partnership, tailoring our work to respond to the individual needs of our partners. We do though have a breadth of existing properties coming ready-made and marrying neatly with partners’ objectives; from sell out concerts in London’s largest venues to small-scale engagement through our participation work, the Festival has a range of sponsorship packages including:

- Broad alignment with the Festival providing overarching support as a Principal Partner
- Supporting Festival on the Move - taking the Festival to all corners of the city
- Helping capture activity as part of the Festival filming programme 
- Enriching peoples’ experience of jazz through our talks programmes
- Supporting a Free Stage bringing jazz to the widest of audiences
- Empowering an artist to create new music for the Festival with our commissions programme
- Enabling Festival logistics as an official transport partner
- Supporting music at the Festival by partnering with events in our concert hall and club programmes

The Festival includes a range of learning & participation activity taking jazz to broad audiences, offering people culturally enriching experiences and the opportunity to tangibly engage with music. Our learning & participation programme embraces participants of all ages and abilities, and works alongside a range of schools, conservatoires and universities.

Outside of the Festival programme, Serious also produces a year-round and nationally-delivered calendar of work that can be partnered with.

To find out more about our current opportunities, use the links below.


For information on current sponsorship opportunities please contact Jack Cutherbtson on or phone +44 (0)20 7324 1880