As a national organisation, we build relationships with stakeholders on many different levels. These relationships are characterised by two fundamental principles; artistic excellence and solid stakeholder partnerships. We place artists and the creative process at the heart of everything we do, making robust connections between artists, audiences and our supporters to successfully deliver our partners’ objectives.

    Partnership with us offers a wide range of benefits. These include: 

    - Brand development and profile-building 
    - Client entertaining opportunities 
    - Employee engagement through concerts and exclusive events
    - Access to our diverse audiences 
    - Exclusive content opportunities 
    - Addressing CSR objectives  

    We work with a broad range of clients with a broad range of budgets; regardless of the size of the project, we work flexibly with partners to meet their individual objectives, whether in the creation of new work or building partnerships focusing on existing projects.

    For information on our corporate partnerships please contact Jack Cuthbertson on or phone +44 (0)20 7324 1880