As a national organisation, Serious builds relationships with businesses on many different levels; including creative commissions, hospitality, development of content, sponsorship and bespoke events.  

    Our work is characterised by two fundamental principles – artistic excellence and partnership. We place musicians and the creative process at the heart of everything we do and make connections between artists, audiences and organisations of all kinds.

    Partnering with us offers a wide range of benefits such as: 

    • Brand development and profile-building 
    • Access to our diverse audiences including the huge range of schools, colleges and community organisations 
    • Exclusive content opportunities 
    • Client entertaining & special events 
    • Employee engagement 
    • Community programmes  
    • Addressing CSR objectives  

    Serious can work with partners flexibly to meet their objectives, whether in the creation of new work or in partnership with existing projects to create associations and engagement for target audiences. 

    Regardless of the size of the project, partnerships with Serious are built on a foundation of artistic excellence and creating a platform to deliver the individual objectives of the sponsor. We work with a broad range of clients with a broad range of budgets, addressing objectives from profile to engagement.