Serious and Arts Council England

Arts Council England (ACE) believes that everyone, everywhere should have the opportunity to experience great art and culture, which resonates strongly with our own approach to programming and producing principles. 

Serious was first supported by ACE in the early 90s through a series of project grants, and is now a National Portfolio Organisation enjoying a close and positive relationship with the funder. 

Continued NPO funding from ACE is fundamental to our commitment to producing jazz and contemporary music of the highest quality, bringing together artists from widespread backgrounds and genres with audiences throughout the UK. 

Our established history with ACE and a national network of producing partners gives us the means to deliver extensive touring programmes, alongside learning and participation activity, to the highest of standards – as well as industry-renowned continued professional development training for artists.   

 Additional ACE support for major individual  projects (such as BT River of Music and The Streets) has enabled us to extend the reach of our work still further.