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Between the Lines returns to the digital stage with Gazelle Twin & NYX, Elaine Mitchener, and Coby Sey


The ground-breaking festival of inspiring new genre-fluid sounds returns. All live shows have been sold out, so we've captured them to bring them to the digital stage for free

COBY SEY | Monday 28 June, 9pm
‘A grubby forage through pitched-down post-punk’
(Resident Advisor)
Raw and powerful, the DJ, musician, and vocalist commands the entire stage, jumping from instrument to instrument, performing music across his entire repertoire 

ELAINE MITCHENER “there’ll be” | Tuesday 29 June, 9pm
'Mitchener is a genre crossing virtuoso’
(Financial Times)
Vocalist, movement artist and composer between the worlds of contemporary new music, experimental jazz / free improvisation and visual arts. Here, she presents a captivating programme exploring voice, piano, and movement with dance artist Tommaso Petrolo

GAZELLE TWIN & NYX Deep England | Wednesday 30 June, 9pm
‘A timeless piece of avant-garde performance art, part catharsis and part exorcism’
(★★★★ The Times)
Following their stunning EFG London Jazz Festival 2019 performance, Gazelle Twin & NYX perform from their critically acclaimed, haunting album Deep England filmed in the beautiful Shoreditch Town Hall setting by BAFTA nominated film directors and artists, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard

Each performance will be followed by an Q&A by Zakia Sewell (NTS) and will be available to watch again and share til end of July 2021

Learn more at serious.org.uk/btl


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