Yaz Fentazi

35-47 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6LA


Yaz Fentazi Trio draws on the rich musicial tradition of jazz, blues and North African music, creating a sizzling atmosphere

Their richly evocative music draws on myriad traditions fused with contemporary interpretations, be that classical invocations as familiar but fresh sounds, blues, folk or jazz. The duo has performed widely abroad and in Britain at Glastonbury, Womad and the Ealing jazz festival.

Yaz Fentazi was invited to perform, record and tour with the Master Drummers of Africa, Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin), Natacha Atlas, Transglobal Underground, Peter Ind, and was the main composer of Fantazia Band and more.

The Guardian has described Fentazi's compositions as having 'breadth and atmosphere, and his oud soloing, which recalls the drive and dynamism of world oud star Anouar Brahem, is often stunning' (Guardian).

Yaz Fentazi composes in his own words 'a blend of traditional with modern music.' It is a uniquely clever and contemporary style of North African fusion, coming from a long tradition of absorbing influences (SEN Magazine).