K-Music: Uhuhboo Project + Pere Ubu

275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross
N1 9NL


Long-standing pioneers of avant-garde Korean pop music, Uhuhboo Project take to the Scala stage as part of the K-Music 2013 Festival. Uhuhboo Project, one of choreographer Pina Bausch’s favourite bands, and Korean film director Park Chan-Wook raved about the group, who’ve retained an underground reputation in Korea.
Uhuhboo Project's music is simply impressive." Choreographer Pina Bausch

Also on the bill at this concert are Pere Ubu who, since their formation in the mid-1970s, have been changing the face of rock music, redefining the art of cult; and who have refined the voice of the outsider; inspiring the likes of Joy Division, Pixies, Bauhaus, Thomas Dolby and many more. With their latest album, Lady from Shanghai, gaining a 4* review in The Independent these two bands will complement each other perfectly in a showcase of the unexpected.
Ubu are generally regarded as the missing link between the Velvets and punk. From the beginning they obviously understood the nuts and bolts of popular music, and then loosened them. Joe Cushley, MOJO

 Pere Ubu are onstage at 7.45, followed by Uhuhboo Project at 9pm.

The night will be accompanied by delectable kimchi tacos and fried kimchi rice balls prepared by Kimchinary, a London food truck set up by self-confessed “pork fat addict with a fermentation fascination” - Sweden-born Hanna Soderlund. Besides the main Kimchinary food truck, which can often be seen at the South Bank, Soderlund also holds monthly supper clubs serving up Korean food with a modern twist. The tacos and rice balls will be sold in the Scala’s foyer bar throughout the concert.