Transglobal Underground

LONDON PizzaExpress Jazz Club
10 Dean Street


DJ/musical collective, founders of global fusion, famous for scorching live shows and techno sound system.

There are few acts in the UK with as strong an influence, as complex a legacy, and as mysteriously legendary as Transglobal Underground. Trying to describe what it is and what it was has defeated the most eloquent of journalists, and those involved in TGU itself have made no effort to help, refusing to define themselves on the grounds that it wasn’t their job to do so, while rejecting any signs anyone attempted to hang on them. 

So what is Transglobal Underground? Well, over 25 years it’s been DJ/musical collective, one of the founders of global fusion, a working band famous for it’s scorching live shows, a techno soundsystem, a folk festival rabble rouser, a pop group, a club night, a Middle Eastern hit production team, an improvised study group for Indian classical music, an Albanian brass band, a duo..or was it an octet?...a seminar, a medicine show and several things no one involved would admit to if they could even remember them. 

It all started with a bunch of disgruntled musicians, singers, DJ, writers and sampler geeks hanging round the cramped offices of West London label Nation Records. Primitive computers were stretched to their full possibilities, beaten up analogue synths kept working by screwdrivers and willpower, mashed up cassettes and turntables serviced a heady concoction of club grooves, dub, bhangra, rock, digital hardcore and oriental melody, relying on inspiration and a massive belief in the need to create something new. The first result was a single called ‘Temple Head’ a track with a lot of inspiration from the UK bhangra scene, one foot in the Manchester and indie scenes, and another in the world of club music. TGU were off and running… and continue their success today with a new album due for release in April 2020.

Hamid Mantu (drums) 

Tuup (vocals/percussion) 

Sheema Mukherjee (sitar/bass) 

Tim Whelan (keyboards) 

Rav Neiyar (Dohl)