Talks Programme: The Impact of Jazz: Britain in the 20s and 30s

LONDON Southbank Centre / Level 5 Function Room
Belvedere Road


One hundred years after Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded what is often known as the ‘first jazz record’, University of Liverpool’s Head of Music Professor Catherine Tackley presents a day of presentations, talks and discussions on how the arrival of jazz impacted daily life in Britain in the 1920s and 30s.

Expect to hear from a range of artists, experts and academics on subjects such as how nightlife was transformed, what impact jazz had on art and design, how theatre and literature responded and the ways in which every day domestic life was affected. All sessions are free, and audiences can attend the full day or specific talks. 

10:30 - Opening talk – The Arrival and Impact of Jazz in Britain

11:00 - Jazz Journeys: America, Britain and France

12:15 - Dancing and Nightlife in interwar Britain

13:30 - BREAK

14:30 - British literature, art and design in the jazz age

15:45 - Jazz, Technology and the Media in interwar Britain

17:00 - Jazz and Everyday Life Panel