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K-Music 2019

The 2019 Festival starts hard and loud with post-rock masters Jambinai, in the first ever K-Music tour, playing Brighton, London, Canterbury, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham, with material from their new Bella Union album.

Next we celebrate pansori as we sample five traditional Korean operas in one night, performed by The Korea Pansori Preservation Association, bringing this beautiful, ancient art form to the modern audience.

International star Park Jiha returns to London with her traditional Korean instruments, modern aesthetics and new Glitterbeat album Philos.

Kyungso Park
presents her new jazz group SB Circle, alongside trio Hey String, in a takeover that pushes traditional Korean music to the limits.

Gonne Choi
creates real emotion with her soaring voice and acoustic guitar, combining rock, folk, jazz and traditional influences to create a highly original sound

And Black String close the Festival in style with their explosion of heavy rhythms, traditional Korean instruments, mind-bending electronics and jazz guitar licks.

Wake up to Korean music in the here and now. See you at the shows.