Resonances featuring Aurelie Freoua

LONDON Vortex Downstairs
11 Gillett Square
N16 8AZ


Resonances is an event merging live visual art and musical performance, curated by artist Aurelie Freoua.

Résonances is an event merging live visual art and musical performance. It is curated by artist Aurelie Freoua. Over the past two years, she collaborated more and more with improvising musicians, creating music and art simultaneously with the musicians and artists using similar sonic and visual approach. She has also designed covers for albums by Raph Clarkson and Paulo Duarte. In September 2018, her mural in Shoreditch, Misterioso, was the backdrop for The Dancing Wall, a performance merging art, dance and musicians. Aurélie says: “Painting is my way to express my ideas, to conceptualise my analysis and describe my perception of the world. Through my work, I try to question and study the notion of invisible. My intention is to catch the instant, extract the poetry and transcribe the indefinable and implicit emotions by giving them a visual dimension, a shape, a colour, a movement, a direction and by playing with contrasts and light. Our precious emotions become visible, almost palpable and their intensity can stay alive. In my abstract paintings, I attempt to create a rhythm and harmony making forms, lines and light sing and resonate all together.”