Moon Hooch

HULL Fruit
Fruit, 62 Humber Street


Explosive horn and percussion trio Moon Hooch and their thunderous brand of cult techno jazz come back to the Festival 

The three-piece were so popular as student buskers on New York’s subways that the NYPD famously banned their impromptu shows as a public-order hazard. They’ve since gone on to sell out major US venues, tour globally and are due to release a new live album later this year.

Comprised of tenor saxophonist Mike Wilbur, baritone sax/bass clarinet Wenzl McGowen, and drummer James Muschler, the trio will deliver their high-energy, intoxicating sound, that merges elements of indie rock, virtuosic jazz and pulse-pounding electronic dance music with a DIY aesthetic.

Onstage, the band now plays through a "reverse DJ" setup, in which the live sound from their horns runs through laptops to process recorded effects. In addition, they utilize Moog synthesizers, as well as an EWI (an electronic wind instrument that responds to breath in addition to touch) and other more traditional instruments like clarinets.

  • ‘ Energetic, joyful, relentless and, best of all, original' ’
    (They Might be Giants’ John Flanburgh)
  • ‘ Catchy melodic hooks and funky rhythms while leaving room for plenty of jazzy improvisation ’
    (New York Post)
  • ‘ Electronic house music mixed with brawny saxophone riffs ’
    (Wall Street Journal)