Making Tracks

LONDON Kings Place (Hall Two)
90 York Way
N1 9AG


Since 2010, Making Tracks has brought world-class and diverse music from all corners of the globe to a network of leading venues throughout the UK.

Re-launching this year, Making Tracks’ ambitious new model brings together emerging artists from the UK and around the world to showcase unique musical traditions, initiate new  collaborations and contribute towards a global network of socially and environmentally-engaged musicians. Following a 10-day rural residency,  the group will go on tour around the UK, performing at concerts and leading music workshops at migrant centres and music education hubs.

This concert, the last of the Making Tracks tour, will feature solo and collaborative performances from each of the project’s 2019 Fellows, including Kaviraj Singh (santoor, vocals), Rapasa Otieno (nyatiti) and Louise Bichan (fiddle).

  • ‘ A beacon of diverse music from around the world for the past eight years ’
    (Joe Boyd (Producer; Pink Floyd, Toumani Diabaté)
  • ‘ Making Tracks is a key scheme for introducing music to audiences and vice-versa, converting silence and monoculture into a rich and flourishing exchange with the world ’
    (Ben Mandelson (WOMEX)

Louise Bichan - fiddle
Rapasa Otieno - nyatiti
Barbora Xu - kantele and zheng
Melisa Yildirim - kamancha
Luna Silva - vocals, ukulele and cavaquinho
Kaviraj Singh - santoor and vocals
Katariin Raska - bagpipes, Jew's harp and saxophone
Arsen Petrosyan - duduk