Josephine Davies

LONDON Oliver's Jazz Bar
9 Nevada St,
SE10 9JL


Led by 'refreshingly imaginative' saxophonist Josephine Davies, 'Satori' is an ever-evolving ensemble that defies the categorization of avant-garde or mainstream jazz, shifting deftly and dynamically through creatively vivid soundscapes according to where

As part of a series of EFG London Jazz Festival concerts curated by Jazz pianist Sam Leak, and hosted by Oliver's Jazz Bar in Greenwich, saxophonist Josephine Davies will lead a concert by her most recent artistic project 'Satori.' Named after a Buddhist word for a moment of presence and inner spaciousness away from the clutter of thought, the project reflects Davies' fascination with Japanese philosophy. She demonstrates a continuing evolution of sound and style in both her playing and her writing. The deliberate omission of a chordal instrument, as well as the frequent absence of a regular harmonic sequence, allows the compositions to serve as a loose base for the spontaneity and creativity of the players, giving rise to a uniquely-integrated trio sound. Featuring the irrepressible musicality of drummer James Maddren. and bassist Dave Whitford, Satori is an ever-evolving ensemble that defies the categorization of either avant-garde or mainstream jazz, instead shifting deftly and dynamically through various imaginative soundscapes according to where their shared inspiration takes them. Josephine Davies - Tenor Saxophone Dave Whitford - Double Bass James Maddren - Drums "Definitely a band to watch." ★★★★1/2 (Downbeat Magazine) ​ "Winning immediacy." ★★★★ (Mojo Magazine) ​ "Inventive, Lyrical." (Jazzwise Magazine)