Jagwa Music

The DIY ethic in music has extended far beyond the back-to-basics sensibilities of the punk scene.

It's prevalent in Africa where economic necessity dictates that anyone wishing to make music must take such an approach, fashioning instruments from whatever's close to hand. This is the modus operandi of Jagwa Music, a collective of eight youngsters from the streets of Dar-Es-Salaam who play percussion forged from plastic piping and arm themselves with battered, long-discarded Casio keyboards wired up to ancient megaphones.

Fronted by a pair of spectacular dancers and a singer/MC whose lyrics tell of survival in the at-times turbulent Tanzanian capital, theirs is a gloriously ragged but addictive sound, as heard on their debut record which revels in the fantastic title of Bongo Hotheads. And it would be an impetuous hothead who would choose not to come within earshot of this joyful noise.