• Photo credit: Jamie Cameron
  • Photo credit: Jamie Cameron

Gazelle Twin + NYX

LONDON Southbank Centre / Queen Elizabeth Hall
Belvedere Road
SE1 8 XX


Gazelle Twin and NYX: electronic drone choir present: Deep England

Replacing electronic tracks with human voice as source instrumentation, this collaborative performance channels the dizzying anxiety of post-truth Britain, morphing between a heightened and haunting seminal choir to an otherworldly distorted dreamscape of whispers and operatic chaos. Punctuated with acoustic glitching, polyphonic overtone and ambient textures, the performance amplifies the layers, movement and liveness of original compositions from Gazelle Twin’s acclaimed album Pastoral, original NYX compositions and English pagan and sacred music. 

'Gazelle Twin performing with the hypnotic voices of NYX was a transcendental purge, a focused concentration on what it means to breath and exist in this life and the fear of the fascist turn in Britain. A tear was whipped from the faces of everyone surrounding me, whilst smiles and dumbfounded expressions filled the room. Scary, truthful harrowing yet hopeful. A lament for humanism. I feel that this is the future of spiritual music.'

(If Only)

'There’s more focus on (Gazelle Twin’s)own unprocessed singing, brilliantly accompanied by NYX who are incredibly skilled technicians in their own right, merging visceral, scratching vocals with live electronic manipulation as they stand at their mixing desks. The layers of powerful, stinging voices, the costumes, the choreography and the strobe lights: the show has total command over its audience.'

(The Quietus) 

This project was first commissioned by NYX: electronic drone choir, performed on 9th December 2018 as part of a collaborative series at London’s Oval Space. 

Gazelle Twin
is a moniker for independent artist, Elizabeth Bernholz. Her musical output takes an unconventional approach to production and live performance, featuring changing personas, themes and multiple genres. Gazelle Twin released her most recent album Pastoral in 2018, her new tracks overflowing with a frenzy of traditional and contemporary musical tropes; from early music instrumentation - the harpsichord and the humble recorder, fed through myriad electronics - to the compelling, ritualistic application of found sample-looping.

is a collaborative drone choir and otherworldly electric chorus, re-embodying live electronics and extended vocal techniques in an experiential exploration of ambient, noise & electronic music. NYX reshape the role of the traditional female choir, testing the limits of organic and synthetic modulation to explore the entire spectrum of collective female voice as an instrument. In their first series of collaborative events, NYX collaborated with Hatis Noit, Gazelle Twin, Iona Fortune and Alicia Jane Turner. Alongside performances, the collective continues to research health and social benefits of sonic immersion in relation to ethnomusicology, sound therapy, collaboration, feminism and new digital technologies.

The layers of powerful, stinging voices, the costumes, the choreography and the strobe lights: the show has total command over its audience.

(The Quietus)