Evelyn and the Yellow Birds

Cheltenham Jazz Festival
Various venues, see website


Presented by vocalist Cherise Adams-Burnett, this heart-warming tale explores the adventures of Evelyn, a young Jamaican woman who makes the journey across the ocean to English shores with her husband. The show explores jazz music and its Caribbean influences, accompanied by a live band.

Evelyn, a young woman living in Jamaica, decides to travel with her new husband to England under the promise of exciting new work opportunities. Having settled into life in London, Evelyn realises that her new home isn’t everything she had dreamed of, and misses the familiarity of island life. She cannot work as the mathematician she always dreamed of being, instead becoming a cleaner whilst taking care of her growing family. A little lonely and a little bored, Evelyn finds a new market selling exotic fruits and is transported back to her island, remembering the sounds, scenery and sunshine of Jamaica. This tiny piece of home away from home gives Evelyn new hope. Over time, she is able to join a welcoming community of fellow Caribbean migrants, and London becomes her happy home. 

This is a perfect way for the whole family to learn more about the melting pot of influences across the jazz genre with Cherise, Evelyn’s granddaughter! 

The recommended age group for this show is Key Stage 2 but siblings and families are all welcome.