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Between The Lines x Erased Tapes: Anne Müller + Daniel Thorne + Hatis Noit

Between The Lines x Erased Tapes: Anne Müller + Daniel Thorne + Hatis Noit

Mon 16 November 2020

Stream time / 9:00pm

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Serious is very proud to present a new series of Between The Lines, joining forces with some of our favourite artists, labels and collectives to present a series of performances of boundary-pushing music.

Our friends at Erased Tapes have curated a beautiful triple bill, continuing their Erased Tapes 2020 series, featuring German cellist and Nils Frahm collaborator Anne Müller’s first live appearance in London since the release of her debut album Heliopause, a solo set from Immix Ensemble founder and saxophonist Daniel Thorne, and the enchanting London-based Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit

Anne Müller

Berlin based cellist and composer Anne Müller released her long-awaited debut solo album  Heliopause  in November 2019.  Heliopause  follows several Erased Tapes releases featuring Anne, including her celebrated collaboration with Nils Frahm titled  7fingers, appearances on Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm’s  Collaborative Works, Nils Frahm’s  All Melody  and his acclaimed soundtrack for the film  Victoria, Lubomyr Melnyk’s  Fallen Trees, as well as the two bespoke solo pieces  Walzer für Robert  and  Bel Tono  for the label’s 5th and 10th anniversary box sets. In fact, a glance at Müller’s Discogs boasts credits on over 60 releases since she began recording in 2007.

A solo record in every sense of the word, Müller wrote, recorded, arranged and produced  Heliopause. The album is named after the boundary where the sun’s wind ceases to have influence. It is ultimately, the border of our solar system. The name struck a chord with Müller since the two voyagers sent on an exploratory mission 42 years ago, recently crossed the Heliopause, entering interstellar space and losing power from our own sun. Müller recognised herself in this moment, not only approaching the same age as the voyagers, but also breaking new ground; having relied on collaborating with so many other stars and now venturing into the unknown with her first solo statement;  ‘Heliopause marks the end of a long journey but also the start of voyages to explore strange new worlds.’

Daniel Thorne

Australian born, Liverpool-based composer, saxophonist and founder of  Immix Ensemble, Daniel Thorne released his invigorating and powerful debut solo album  Lines of Sight  in March 2019. Deeply moving, full of otherworldly beauty and rapture, the album is alive, throbbing like a circulatory system, colourful and glowing. It literally dazzles – effectively capturing what the birth (or death) of a planet might sound like.

Lines of Sight
  follows Thorne’s work as artistic director of the acclaimed, collaboration-focussed group Immix Ensemble. Together with experimental electronic artist Vessel, he co-wrote  Transition, released on Erased Tapes in 2016 and described by BBC Radio 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs as  ‘a remarkable new piece of music’ . Immix Ensemble have also performed special live commissions with Kelly Lee Owens, Dialect, Jane Weaver and Bill Ryder-Jones, among others.

Hatis Noit

Japanese vocal performer hailing from distant Shiretoko in Hokkaido, who now resides in London. Hatis Noit's accomplished range is astonishingly self-taught, inspired by everything she could find from Gagaku — Japanese classical music — and operatic styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chanting, to avant-garde and pop vocalists. March 2018 marked the worldwide release of her first enigmatic EP  Illogical Dance  on Erased Tapes. The arresting 4-track record features Björk-collaborators  Matmos  and creates unique song-worlds with transcendent vocal interpretations that at once deconstruct and recombine Western Classical, Japanese folk and nature's own ambience atmosphere.

Tipped by  The Guardian  as  One To Watch  in 2020, Hatis Noit is currently working on her full-length album to be expected around summertime.