Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson - SOLD OUT

NORWICH Theatre Royal
Theatre Street, Norwich.


Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson have collaborated through the years on various live and recording projects. They have only recently come together to create a new evening.

First performed in 2015, the evening has grown and developed into a unique piece of art. Trading songs and improvising, Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson approach the work with a loose and inventive feel, blending to create entirely new music. American Style is the empathetic resonance of two very different styles finding one musical language. It is a collaboration with the ghostly and majestic spoken performances and words of their dear friends Allen Ginsberg, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen among others. Laurie Anderson’s visual work punctuates the evening.

These are the first performances in Britain of American Style. Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson are joined by special guest Rubin Kodheli.